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Supplément de biotine FOLIGAIN pour des cheveux d'apparence plus saine (dissolution rapide)

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Soutient des cheveux, de la peau et des ongles d'apparence plus saine

  • Excellente source de biotine
  • Délicieuse saveur de cerise
  • Se dissout rapidement
  • 60 comprimés
  • Fabriqué aux États-Unis


    Introducing FOLIGAIN® Biotin Supplement for Healthier-Looking Hair – an exceptional and comprehensive solution designed to promote radiant hair, skin, and nails from within. This remarkable supplement harnesses the power of biotin, a crucial B vitamin renowned for its transformative effects on overall wellness.

    At the heart of each tablet lies the extraordinary benefits of biotin, also known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H. FOLIGAIN recognizes that true hair health is an inside-out endeavor, and biotin plays a pivotal role in this holistic approach. Biotin, as a water-soluble B vitamin, collaborates seamlessly with your body's natural processes to enhance the vitality and appearance not only of your locks but also of your skin and nails.

    The targeted action of biotin revolves around its ability to support the production of keratin, a protein that forms the structural foundation of hair, skin, and nails. By bolstering keratin synthesis, FOLIGAIN Biotin Supplement fortifies your hair strands, promoting resilience, strength, and overall well-being.

    The benefits of FOLIGAIN Biotin Supplement extend beyond the visible effects on hair. This powerful B vitamin actively contributes to skin health, aiding in the maintenance of a clear and vibrant complexion. Furthermore, it supports the integrity of nails, ensuring they remain strong and resistant to brittleness.

    What sets FOLIGAIN apart is its commitment to providing a concentrated and effective source of biotin. Each tablet is a testament to the brand's dedication to quality, delivering an optimal dosage to meet your hair health goals.

    By incorporating FOLIGAIN Biotin Supplement into your daily routine, you embark on a journey to cultivate beauty and vitality from the inside out. Transform your approach to hair care with the science-backed benefits of biotin, and embrace the radiant results that extend beyond your locks to encompass your skin and nails. Elevate your self-care routine with FOLIGAIN Biotin Supplement, where beauty meets wellness in every tablet.


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    Taille de service: 1 comprimé végétarien
    Portions par contenant: 60

    Quantité par portion
    • Biotine 10 000 mcg

    Autres ingrédients: Sorbitol, fructose, arômes naturels de fruits, acide stéarique végétal, stéarate de magnésium végétal, cellulose, acide citrique.

    Ne contient pas: Lait, lactose, gluten, blé ou poisson.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Heidi T.
    I love Foligain hair thickening products

    I had a lot of hair loss and had therefore worn my hair very short for a long time. Then I came across the Folgain series about two years ago and first took Folgain for about 9 months to thicken my hair. Now about 18 months later I am on the Foligain Biotin Cure. I now have shoulder-length thick healthy hair. Even my hairdresser is delighted. I'm happy.

    Thalita G.C.

    I love all Foligain products, they're wonderful!

    Hipólito F.P.N.
    Excellent product! I enjoyed it a lot

    Excellent product! I enjoyed it a lot

    Sébastien F.
    Practical and effective product

    This product is convenient to use and seems effective in making hair thicker and stronger from a week of use for me.I recommend it.

    Paul B.

    I am very happy with this product! My hair loss stopped very quickly from the first days of treatment. I didn't imagine a result that fast! My skin is much more beautiful and luminous, and I am only at the beginning of my treatment!